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Frequently Asked Questions
Please let us know if you have any further questions.
How do I receive the software?
As soon as the transaction gets confirmed depending on the cryptocurrency that you play with, you will receive the download link on the email provided by you.
Does Instagram have any limits?
It does indeed however what puts us in front of all the other services is that we always stay on top of the latest Instagram updates. Moreover, we work alongside Instagrams limitations, therefore, issues like account compromised messages get patched instantly. Our latest update features improved human behaviour algorithm which ensures more stable performance and the safety of your accounts.
Do I need a password?
Yes! The software does require you to sign in as you would normally do on your smartphone. No need to worry since you only entering it on your computer. Masslooking Plus and Masslooking Pro runs entirely from your end and it doesn't have any connection to our servers which ensures the safety of your details as well as details of your customers.
Will I understand how the system works?
Absolutely! Masslooking Pro software is as simple as 1-2-3, we don't have any guide for it as it is pretty much self-explanatory. There is a detailed guide however for our Masslooking Plus version, on how you should be using the system. In case you need any help with the installation, we have our IT guys that can help you with that. If you don't want to bother with this yourself and want us to install it for you we have a service for that too.
Can I use the system offline without a computer? Can you help me?
You can use either VPS or any dedicated server. We can set everything up for you.
How many accounts can I add?
You can run as many accounts as you need and up to 100 target accounts per each account that you promote.
Will I have to use proxies?
Yes! Luckily Masslooking Pro has in-build proxy support, adding a proxy in the system is as easy as it gets. You should use not more than 3 accounts with 1 proxy. You can buy proxy here
Which version to choose? Windows, macOS, Linux?
You get all three versions of the software. You get the email with a download link as soon as your order goes through. Please make sure you double-check your email address before submitting. In case you have made a mistake with your details - make sure you contact support.
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