How to make money with masslooking?
A new page in the business of Instagram promotion. Start earning now, otherwise someone else will do it instead of you.

How to make money with masslooking?

Patrik Johnson
Lead Marketing Analyst
There used to be many ways of Instagram promotion back in the days. Now, this market is almost empty. There are no tools that can give you any support in promoting your personal/business accounts.

My name is Patrik Johnson and not so long ago I was amongst the best promoters of Instagram Influencers. I am here to share with you a new way of promotion which is barely known to the public, has loads of potential and massive earning opportunities.

My story.

I used to run my own social media promotion company with over 5,000 accounts. 80% of those were ''Instagram customers'' I had a perfect solution for every customer. There was a bit of everything involved in my promotion packages. I had a mass following, mass liking, all sorts of different tools. Unfortunately, I had to stop my sales as I could not deliver what I was paid for as Instagram was putting limits on everything.

Almost a year passed since I have stopped working in this industry however most of my customers were still contacting me, asking if there is anything new that came out. I had absolutely nothing to say as I thought that this business is dead.

Luckily a close friend of mine contacted me saying that there is something new in Instagram Promotion. I was thrilled!

In this blog, I will explain to you step-by-step what you have to do to start earning with Masslooking. There are different ways of getting into it however here are my top tips that work every time Proven with my own experience.

Masslooking as a breath of fresh air.

I was then introduced to Masslooking. Probably the best thing that happened to me in 2019. I am finally back on track. Customers are happy and cash is coming like never before. Here is an example of a few customers. Results speak for themselves. I have a subscription-based partnership with them too. They are paying me $50 a month.

Cash is coming!

I have purchased 500 accounts from for $449. Currently, I have 224 customers that have already made payments for 2 months.
1st month income: $3,182
74 customers x $50 = $3,700 (1st month)

- $25 Proxy
- $15 VPS
- $449 Software
- $29 Setup of the software

Total expenses for the first month are: $518
Income: $3,182
zeus, instapromo,, Instaplus, Instasoft, SocialKit, Tooligram, тулиграм
The second month is a lot better since my customers have brought their friends to me (150 new customers). Moneywise it is a lot more profitable as I don't have to pay for the software and the installation again.
2st month income: $11,200
224 customers x $50= $11,200 (2nd month)

- $55 Proxy
- $15 VPS

Total expenses for the second month are: $70
Income: $11,130
Total income: $14,312
Please note that you can start with minimal investments using your own computer. You can go for like 10 accounts package which is $129 and you will spend $5 on proxies. 10 customers at $50 = $500 in your first month is pretty good huh?
zeus, instapromo,, Instaplus, Instasoft, SocialKit, Tooligram, тулиграм

Run your own marketing company.

Open your marketing agency that focuses on Instagram promotion. Sell your unique Instagram promotion service (subscription-based for example, get your customers to pay you every month) sounds like a good business model? Yeah, I think so too. For this you will need to do the following things:
Create a website (Instagram promotion company)

You can use something like Wix, Squarespace, Tilda, etc. They make it pretty easy to set your own website. It will take you a day or so to create a good looking website.
Software! Firsts things first.

Choose a relevant package according to your needs. Please note that the only difference between packages is the number of accounts that you can add. will get you regular fresh software updates as well as superb support.
Get your VPS sorted.

You can run the software for a few hours every day or so, but if you are looking for the maximum output you will want a VPS. VPS - virtual private server. In simple terms, it is a computer that is running somewhere on remote servers. The perfect solution as it runs 24/7. Price of the VPS depends on technical specs however any characteristics will be just fine as the software that is providing is very lightweight
Proxy! Another important attribute to your business.

A proxy acts as a gateway between your account and Instagram. If you are running less than 5 accounts you are just fine. When you are running a multi-account promotion business - you will have to use 1 proxy per every 5 accounts that you are promoting. Proxies are generally pretty cheap however make sure that you are using trusted sources as cheapest options usually aren't great. has in-build proxy support! Adding your proxy into the software as easy as A, B, C


Masslooking is a great potential for massive earnings. There is absolutely no reason for you not to take advantage of this time bomb. It is just a matter of weeks until this becomes a world-known Instagram trend. By that time you will be all ready for the boom of new customers willing to get on board with you.
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