Massmentions Pro
Tag thousands of people in your Instagram stories. 2020 Trend.
One-off $59 with lifetime updates.
Революционный тренд в продвижении инстаграм. Massmentions Pro отмечает тысячи таргетированных пользователей в историях. Каждому человеку, которого вы отметите, прийдет уведомление. Мощно, быстро, без блокировок.
What is Massmentions?
What is Massmentions?
In simple terms, this is the most advanced software for Instagram promotion. It allows you to view millions of stories of people that follow your target audience. Masslooking Plus also features a massvoter functionality that allows you to participate in story polls, sliders and quizzes. Your targeted audience will come to your page to like, comment, view your posts.
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